Cloud ERP Basics

A basic primer on Cloud ERP

Are you new to ERP? Do you want to brush up on the latest generation of ERP software? Cloud ERP Basics helps you discover everything from the basic principles of ERP to how the underlying technology of ERP has changed and the important role of ERP in a modern manufacturing organization.

Cloud ERP Basics includes the following topics:


What is Cloud ERP?

Read about cloud technology and Cloud ERP. See how the capabilities of the cloud enable Cloud ERP.


Hosted vs Cloud ERP

Find out why some legacy ERP vendors sell their software under the name “Cloud” but are only hosted  versions of the same old systems. Learn how to tell the difference between hosted ERP and true Cloud ERP.


The Basics of Evaluating Cloud ERP

Learn everything you need to know about evaluating Cloud ERP for your organization, from starting your search to what questions to ask Cloud ERP vendors.


ERP Glossary

Find definitions of some of the key words and phrases used in the world of Cloud ERP and manufacturing.