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Reduce Financial Risks from Order to Delivery

One centralized accounting and financial system for your entire manufacturing organization to reduce risk, increase profits, and improve predictability.

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Ben Austin - SPR Therapeutics

Manufacturing Cloud ERP for comprehensive accounting and agility

Manufacturers face increasing obstacles and disruptions in maintaining profitability and driving growth. Rootstock’s 360° view of the business’ financials helps reduce costs and improve predictability by delivering visibility to expose scope creep, reduce margin leakage, and mitigate risks.

  • Strategic planning and forecasting to attack your business goals with agility
  • Continuously manage costs to your business from cost-of-goods-sold (COGS) and labor to overhead and inventory carrying costs.
  • Clear and accurate reporting to stay on top of receivables, payables, and everything in between
  • Maximize accounting productivity with financial drill-downs all the way to individual transactions.
  • Mitigate risks to your bottom line with designed-in generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) along with accurate tax reporting.

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One Cloud, One Platform, One View for Manufacturing Enterprises

Real-time 360-degree visibility of customers and supply chain from ERP to CRM

Reduce IT costs and complexity with one cloud platform built to scale with your digital transformation journey

Save time and increase team productivity across the enterprise, connecting sales, inventory, fulfillment & financial work streams

Trusted data and KPIs across teams with a single data model to minimize errors

Stimulate user engagement and ease adoption with a user-friendly interface and low-code customization platform

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「Rootstockなら、Salesforceの商談を自動的に受注につなげることができます。 CRMの取引と予測を、受注、売上計上、在庫、売上原価に至るまですべてRootstockで実行でき、より多くの収益を上げることができます。」

CFO, SPR Therapeutics

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