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Rootstock Manufacturing ERP System Overview

One connected manufacturing ERP software platform and partner ecosystem to support your entire manufacturing operations. Effectively manage sales signals to predict production capacity while making decisions faster with a 360° view – accessible from anywhere, on any connected device. Partner with Rootstock to accelerate your business success today.

Inventory Management

Analyze supply and demand changes as they happen to accurately manage inventory with detailed product history, inform decision making, and reduce project costs.

  • Real-Time Inventory

    Quickly update inventory by location, lot, serial number, or project across multiple locations and subsidiaries.
  • Actionable Data

    Drill down into detailed transaction histories, customizable cycle counts, and ABC category analysis with options for standard, actual, or FIFO costing.
  • Analyze Investments

    Accurately track all materials to make informed decisions, increase inventory turns, and proactively manage costs at every level.
  • Product History & Traceability

    Classify and track material from supplier to customer and as it moves across locations. Automatically register receipts and assign serial numbers as inventory makes its way to customers.

Production Scheduling

Production management capabilities in Rootstock’s Manufacturing ERP System are designed to increase planning and scheduling visibility, manufacturing productivity, and operational agility from any device.

  • Deep Visibility into Plans & Schedules

    Visualize capacity to address production bottlenecks, eliminate over- or under-production, and connect materials availability with scheduled work orders.
  • Real-Time Production Cycle Times

    Control and mix production modes across orders, track and manage work orders from planning to shipping, and dynamically adjust and route production in real-time.
  • Easily Manage Complex BOMs

    Dynamically adjust BOMs or routings to respond to real-time production conditions. Drill into the details – explode BOMs to see assemblies broken down to individual components and parts.
  • Achieve Higher Quality & Compliance

    Deliver on quality and compliance requirements with complete traceability, comprehensive inspection audit trails and histories, and reduce waste and rework.

Supply Chain Management

Stay ahead of the competition and meet your sales demands by leveraging Rootstock’s supply chain management features. Empower your planners to maintain alignment with supplier capabilities, production requirements, and customer demands.

  • Full Control from One System

    Rootstock connects CRM, ERP, and other operational systems and data so you can manage the signals of supply and demand to predictably meet customer delivery expectations.
  • Enhanced Supply Chain Planning

    Easily create automatic forecasts for any period using historical data, or manually create forecasts based on both past data and expected future sales.
  • End-To-End Supply & Demand Visibility

    Empower your teams with detailed, real-time supply and demand information for multiple products or single items, including forecast data for enhanced supply chain oversight.
  • The Supplier Collaboration You Require

    Track and manage a complete record of all suppliers with any level of detail while also collaborating with suppliers in real-time.

Build a Manufacturing Signal Chain

Know. Decide. Act. With SignalChain

The Manufacturing Signal Chain uses real-time signals and intelligent technologies to improve manufacturing operations. 
By capturing, interpreting, and balancing demand, supply, and capacity signals using a decisioning platform, manufacturers can:

  • Greatly improve decisioning speed, forecasting accuracy, and operational efficiencies.
  • Ensure the right capacity is always available to meet customer demand.
  • Overcome supply and capacity constraints, and achieve greater profitability.


“With our platform, we can manage about 
150% more capacity than before.”

– Jeff Cash, President, Architectural Fabrication


Manufacturing ERP Software to Support Multiple Modes

  • Make to Stock

    Manage the challenges associated with Just-In-Time inventory strategy by leveraging Rootstock’s Supplier Collaboration capabilities to minimize disruptions and avoid production stoppages.
  • Make to Order

    Rootstock’s Enterprise Insights brings data into a dashboard view to easily manage costs and remain competitive in your MTO business. Gain greater business intelligence across all manufacturing operations so that profits are predictable and consistent.
  • Configure to Order

    Accurately monitor and quickly act on supply chain signals to coordinate timely arrival of inventory to meet your configuration requirements. Rootstock’s Supplier Collaboration is the tool to avoid delays from unavailable parts and prevent production bottlenecks or missed delivery deadlines
  • Engineer to Order

    Easily balance your need for customization with the practicalities of production. Increase efficiency while shortening production cycle times with our comprehensive work order management and shop floor control.
  • Personalized Manufacturing

    Powerful order management to contribute to more on-time deliveries and higher customer satisfaction for configured or customized products. Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud CPQ streamlines and automates sales order processing of configurable products for even the most complex or highly configured products.
  • Hybrid Manufacturers

    Balance management of complex design processes for customized products while also maintaining streamlined processes for standard items with Rootstock Manufacturing ERP. Easily create and manage BOMs, ensure production accuracy, and track detailed costs.

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Trusted Support Where & When Your Team Needs it Most

The Rootstock Enablement Program helps customers achieve faster time-to-value, keep productivity high and boost employee retention with a blended learning approach.

  • Expedite learning & adoption through the Rootstock Learning Center, training videos, implementation support, and more.
  • Access to a robust product knowledge base within the Rootstock Success Community.
  • Engage with other users and SMEs via success community discussion forums and the Rootstock peer user group to find answers.

“A product is certainly only as good as the people that support it, and Rootstock does not fall short in that category. Rootstock provided uncompromising support keeping us informed and supported throughout the entire implementation.”

– Andrew Russo, Salesforce Architect, BACA Systems

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