Rootstock Cloud ERP Customers

Rootstock customers have their own unique business requirements and customer stories from a wide variety of industries.

Featured Customer
Ableton AG is a Berlin-based music software company that produces and distributes the program Ableton Live, a software music sequencer and digital audio workstation for OS X and Windows, and the software controller Ableton Push; these programs enable a community of artists to create amazing music. Ableton Live is widely recognized as the most popular DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in electronic music due to its innovative approach to sketching down ideas inside a clip-based sequencer, and is now a mainstay for producing music in the studio and performing it on stage. View Customer Website
Accedian delivers exceptional end-to-end network and application performance visibility for control over the best possible end-user digital experience. Full visibility across network services and application chains—spanning virtualized, cloud, software-defined, and physical infrastructure—empowers service providers and enterprises to embrace transformation, to make efficient use of digital assets to realize business goals, and to strengthen competitive positions. Accedian is an established expert at instrumenting networks of every size, with SkyLIGHT™ platform solutions that scale to monitor multinational networks. Since 2005, Accedian has partnered with its customers to deliver solutions across the globe, helping them and their users experience performance. View Customer Website
Aeromatrix Composites
Aeromatrix Composites, located in Clearwater, Florida, is a single-source aircraft solution for aerospace composite manufacturing. Quality composites reduce weight and extend aircraft component service and maintenance. Aeromatrix provides fleet support services for a variety of aircraft customers - commercial and government - in the form of design services, testing, assembling, and repair solutions. In addition to a Florida plant location, they have a manufacturing facility in Sacramento California. View Customer Website
Air Ties Wireless Networks
AirTies (Istanbul, Turkey), founded in 2004, has become the market leader for the wirelessly connected home. The company designs and develops its own software and hardware, wirelessly streaming internet connections and high-definition video to multiple rooms and screens. Their product portfolio includes broadband internet devices and internet-based television set top boxes. AirTies has an installed base of over 10 million homes worldwide. View Customer Website
Alliance MOCVD, LLC
Alliance MOCVD is a supplier of high-quality replacement and consumable parts for MOCVD systems and services. MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor deposition) is the technology used to deposit very thin layers of atoms onto a semiconductor wafer. Trusted by the world’s leading LED manufacturers, Alliance is the top global single-source provider for all MOCVD consultation, services, parts, equipment, and upgrades. They serve a wide list of global customers in both the private and public sector. View Customer Website
Architectural Fabrication
Architectural Fabrication is an established shade solutions company located in Fort Worth, Texas. It has been around for more than two decades, providing custom solutions for canopies, sunshades, walkways, and several other architectural elements that enhance the look of buildings. The company has made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies for three years running. It partners with general contractors, architects, and engineers to provide manufacturing, design and installation services. In fact, it works with some of the largest architectural firms, general contractors, and retailers in the U.S. If a customer can conceive it, Architectural Fabrication can deliver it, turning a drawing or idea into a custom solution. View Customer Website
AZX Sport
AZX Sport (Aztex Enterprises, Ltd), headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, is a global leader in the promotional products industry. Their product line includes competitively-priced lanyards, microfiber products, badge reels, personal health care items, breath fresheners, event wristbands, pet accessories and much more. In business for more than 20 years, the company has earned a reputation for quality and customer service and has been honored with a 5 Star Supplier industry rating. Because AZX manufactures its own goods, their products are compliant with all regulations including CPSIA and Prop 65. View Customer Website
BACA Systems, Inc.
BACA Systems Inc., based in Orion Township, Michigan, is known for Innovative Fabrication Solutions for Industrial Stone Automation. BACA’s dedicated team of experts provide industrial-sized solutions in Robotic Automation, System Integration, WaterJet Technology and Countertop Fabrication. BACA Systems, an industry front runner, gives seminars in how to set up a shop with the right templating, sawing, edge finishing and water treatment equipment to increase profits and to reduce labor costs. View Customer Website
Beta Bionics
Beta Bionics® founded in 2015, is incorporated in Massachusetts as both a Public Benefit Corporation and a Certified B Corporation. The first medical device company in business as a Benefit Corporation, they are solidly in the ‘diabetes space.’ iLet® is Beta Bionics’ trademark pancreas system, and it is both highly technological and innovative for managing type1 diabetes. Clinically tested algorithms driven by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the product will autonomously calculate and dose insulin and/or glucagon as needed from data in the glucose monitor. View Customer Website
Blendtek Ingredients
Blendtek Ingredients is headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, and provides quality products and ingredients for a variety of industries - Organic & Conventional Food, Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Industrial Chemicals, Water Conditioning Salts, De-Icing Products, Plastics, and Packaging. Blendtek is committed to making quality product ingredients. As land and resources become scarce, food production is becoming costly. Since consumers continue to want quality, Blendtek has made a commitment to providing quality products with innovation. View Customer Website
BOC is an industrial, medical and special gases provider and a member of The Linde Group. It supplies compressed, bulk and pipeline gases, chemicals, engineering solutions and equipment and is pioneering healthcare innovations and clean energy technologies including carbon capture and storage. For more than a century, its gases and expertise have contributed to advances in many areas of everyday life, and industries including steelmaking, refining, chemical processing, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, welding and cutting, food processing and distribution, glass production, electronics and healthcare. View Customer Website
Boston Dynamics
Boston Dynamics is an American engineering and robotics design company founded in 1992 out of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology.) Once owned by Google, they are still located in Massachusetts. Boston Dynamics offers a highly advanced robotic line; their engineers design robotics nimble enough to climb stairs, master a multitude of warehouse tasks, and traverse remote areas and terrain using a 360-degree view. View Customer Website
Burlington Medical LLC
Burlington Medical LLC, headquartered in Newport News, Virginia, has three US manufacturing sites and one in the UK that produce PPE (personal protective equipment) products in addition to lead aprons, used for radiation exposure. During the COVID-19 crisis, their PPE products have been in high demand. Burlington Medical makes face masks and shields, gloves, hoods, caps, leg wraps and more. They now distribute to global healthcare and consumer markets with the best delivery lead times in the industry due to onsite manufacturing that gives fast delivery outcomes. View Customer Website
Central Pharma
Central Pharma Ltd provides contract packaging services to healthcare organizations on a global scale. Located in Bedford, UK (near London), they import and release products to over 50 countries around the world. Central Pharma upholds a high standard of quality from certified verifiers to ensure that 1D/2D Barcodes are up to the necessary regulatory standard. View Customer Website
Cottenham, an Australian company, is a wholesale wine distribution company, and a combination of two companies - Fesq & Company and Vigorous Brothers. By merging these two great wine merchants - Fesq & Company and Vigorous Brothers Wine Merchants – Cottenham specializes in the wholesale distribution of wine to licensed customers. View Customer Website
DAIDO Machines
DAIDO Machines is a Make to Order/Make to Stock manufacturer of industrial equipment. Founded back in 1955 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan – Daido has a production plant in nearby Saitama. They engineer and manufacture a range of strainers/ auto-strainer, filters, sight glasses, level gauges, piping accessories and more. Retailing to both domestic and international markets, Daido has expertise in both parts and production. View Customer Website
DAVIDsTEA is headquartered in Mont Royal, Quebec, Canada. This bright, contemporary chain of tea and gift purveyors needed to move past a reliance on a brick-and-mortar business model and embrace a digital B2C model. Once focused on only a walk-in clientele for its 220 store locations, DAVIDsTEA moved towards a full digital cloud transformation featuring online ordering, special clubs and gift-giving. Now they have increased profitability and a new popularity with their consumers. View Customer Website
Dent Wizard
Headquartered in St. Louis Missouri, Dent Wizard is the undisputed leader in the automotive reconditioning services market in North America. They are the largest provider of automotive reconditioning services in the U.S. and have been specializing in SMART repairs for over three decades, repairing thousands of vehicles to their original factory finish through technologically advanced, high quality repairs. View Customer Website
DICA, based in Iowa, has specialized in building a better outrigger pad since 1988. By creating engineered solutions for improving equipment stability and ergonomic safety, DICA is leading the way in product innovation for outrigger pads and crane mats. DICA outrigger pads and crane mats are used worldwide in over 20 countries and on 6 continents for construction and maintenance activities. The products are used for commercial construction, utility transmission and distribution, telecommunications, tree care and oil & gas exploration and processing. In the United States, DICA outrigger pads and crane mats are used by government and public service agencies, including NASA, Atomic Laboratories, DOT, DOE, Corps of Engineers, and Military. View Customer Website
DirectMed - headquartered in Poway, California - is an MRI and CT (scan) Parts and Service provider for GE, Philips and Siemens machines. DirectMed Parts is a one-source, multi-modality vendor for medical imaging replacement parts, repairs, systems and field service solutions. With over 20 years of experience servicing medical imaging equipment, they will extend the life of any MRI or CT machine. View Customer Website
Equipter/New Heights LLC (Paradise, PA) is an American-owned, family-run business that designs and manufactures state of the art equipment to help businesses in construction, general contracting, residential roofing, commercial roofing and more improve debris removal and in turn improve efficiency. Their flagship product is the Equipter RB4000 (The Roof Buggy), a drive-able, raise-able, tow-able and dump-able construction and roofing vehicle that can fit into tight areas, streamlines the removal of roofing debris and makes jobsite cleanup faster and easier. View Customer Website
ES Broadcast
ES Broadcast delivers cutting-edge broadcast equipment for stunning 4K footage, designing innovative broadcast system architecture to streamline workflows, and equip outside broadcast vehicles to expand the corporate fleet. ES Broadcast has system integration teams that are experts in the field for all broadcast equipment and systems. They are an integration partner- bringing a collaborative relationship to any project- striving to be the professional broadcast solutions partner. View Customer Website
FIKE Corporation, located in Blue Springs, Missouri, is a key global supplier to Fortune 500 companies. They have a highly skilled workforce that works in risk service industry around the world, designing and building precision-engineered solutions for clients in need assurance from the consequences and serious financial loss if ever met with a devastating disaster. In addition to manufacturing facilities in the United States, Belgium, Wales, Canada and India, FIKE has sales and service offices throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. View Customer Website
Francois & Co.
Francois & Co. manufactures high-quality mantles, range hoods and flooring surfaces. Committed to the principles of authenticity, ingenuity and scrupulous attention to detail, FRANÇOIS & CO. team of skilled artisans bring heritage and history to life by painstakingly recreating and refining traditional methods and lost arts. Their products make an indelible statement, honoring the highest standards of workmanship and quality. View Customer Website
Geometrics, headquartered in Northern California, design and build innovative and rugged geophysical data acquisition systems for land, marine, and airborne applications. View Customer Website
Gerotech is located in Flat Rock, Michigan and provides innovative CNC machine tool solutions and engineering services to manufacturers in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, and die/mold. They offer their customers a wide variety of capabilities, including process & design, systems integration, process runoff, and project management. View Customer Website
Harbinger based in Jacksonville Florida, is a custom commercial signage company known for large scale sign systems. National brand clients such as Marriott, Coca-Cola, and 7-Eleven use Harbinger for turnkey services. Harbinger employs state-of-the-art sign systems that shepherd the process from design to manufacturing, transportation, installation, warranty, customer service, and maintenance. Harbinger has the fastest project duration from launch to completion in the industry. Digital signage, interactive experiences, and content strategy are all their specialties so a brand can tell its story through advanced signage technology. View Customer Website
Harlequin was established in the UK over 40 years ago, and proudly claims: The world performs on Harlequin floors. Harlequin remains the industry choice for the world’s most prestigious dance and performing arts companies, theatres, venues and schools and luxurious global events. Harlequin’s enviable reputation is founded upon the design, manufacture and supply of a range of high-quality products for performing arts, theatres, events and productions. They have solid experience with the manufacture and supply of a range of high quality portable and permanent sprung and vinyl floors chosen by the world’s leading venues - from the Royal Opera House, to the Bolshoi Theatre, the Paris Opera Ballet to Sydney Dance Company. View Customer Website
Hästens Beds
Hästens Beds, based in Koping, Sweden, is a six-generation family-owned company whose master craftsmen continue to create an award-winning bed using Old World methods. These sustainably made beds can be found in seven countries around the world, including the US. Their claim ‘sleep better, live better’ comes from the use of all-natural cushioning materials – springy horsetail hair, flax, slow growth pine and long fiber cotton- all of which create a sustainably made product, ethically produced. For Hästens Beds, what comes from nature, will return to nature, is a sound claim. Master craftsmanship has led Hastens Beds to maintaining ‘pride of craft’ that is in high demand throughout Sweden and the other countries where they are sold. View Customer Website
Heatsheets® is the flagship brand of Advanced Flexible Materials (Chicago, IL), a leading manufacturer of reflective insulation films and fabrics that harness natural energy sources such as body and solar heat. Utilizing their proprietary Silver Lining technology, which was adapted from radiant barrier technology developed by NASA for the U.S. Space Program, they produce innovative products for consumer, commercial and medical applications. Heatsheets products are perfect for hypothermia protection at mass participation events and Heatsheets sleeping bags and shelters provide lightweight protection from outdoor elements. View Customer Website
I.D. Systems
Headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, with subsidiaries in Texas, Germany, and the United Kingdom, I.D. Systems is a leading global provider of wireless M2M solutions for securing, controlling, tracking, and managing high-value enterprise assets, including rental cars, industrial vehicles, trailers, containers, and cargo. The Company’s patented technologies address the needs of organizations to monitor and analyze their assets to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and improve profitability. View Customer Website
INLITE, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, is a supplier of high-end lighting solutions to the Australian and New Zealand architecture and design community. A member of the Gerard Lighting Group, INLITE enjoys the financial security of being a part of the largest lighting group in the southern hemisphere. INLITE produces the finest in European luminaire design and light source technology giving integrated solutions for outdoor lighting projects. View Customer Website
Instech Labs
Instech Labs was founded in 1971 as a leader in the design and manufacture of infusion instruments and systems needed in laboratory animal biomedical research. Located in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, Instech Labs makes rodent infusion and dosing products, oxygen monitors, miniature stirring systems, vascular buttons, pumps and more. These products serve both academic and pharmaceutical research laboratories and are distributed worldwide. Their US production plant is configured for design and manufacturing, while their Leipzig Germany location offers sales and customer service and a sizeable inventory for rapid delivery. View Customer Website
Innovation Passion Automation
IPA, a Georgia-based company dedicated to permanently reducing costs by automating the linen distribution process within healthcare facilities, implemented Rootstock – from the onsite meeting to “go live” in 20 weeks. This includes a downtime period planned by the IPA team from the start. Working with the IPA operations and accounting departments replacing an On-Premise ERP legacy system, not only was Rootstock software implemented but the Rootstock team also performed the implementation. Since IPA has a design engineering focus, the ability to support thousands items and extensive bills of material and revisions was critical, as was the need to support the accompanying inventory management and planning requirements that their designs demand. As a lean manufacturer dedicated to continuous process improvement across their operations and business functions, IPA was looking for a comprehensive enterprise planning system that could not only replace their current legacy systems, but also could consolidate their operations onto a single platform, support their lean objectives and scale with their business. IPA conducted a rigorous evaluation of available software solutions, guided by consulting assistance from Georgia Tech. IPA, used by over 300,000 clinicians every day, is a Georgia-based company dedicated to permanently reducing costs by automating the linen distribution process within healthcare facilities. The company consists of a team of experts in design, engineering, assembly, installation, sales and service that has been awarded numerous patents. Products are specifically designed to improve linen availability to clinicians, reduce linen losses, reduce the misuse of linen, and reduce the number of dollars tied up in linen inventories. View Customer Website
IRISS provides unsurpassed quality by continuously improving infrared (IR) window, online monitoring devices and ultrasound test equipment technology. IRISS builds reliable products while remaining a science-based R&D company, protecting its products with industry leading warranties.

Having industrial-grade IR windows that facilitate safer, more efficient inspections of energized electrical equipment, IRISS products feature a durable transparent polymer lens that allows visual, UV, and short/mid/longwave IR spectrum inspections. View Customer Website
Kiva Confections
Kiva Confections, an industry-leading sales and distribution platform, offers dispensaries a complete suite of best in class brands. Kiva’s commitment to quality craftsmanship, ethical business practices, and community involvement, makes them one of the new cannabis companies shaping the medical and adult use market. View Customer Website
Kira Labs
Kira Labs markets and produces over 30 different cosmetic brands, and a full line of products for body, face and hair. Offering a line for teens, adults and adults with mature skin, Kira Labs’ brands cover all possible hair and beauty concerns that address all segments of the global consumer market. A leading marketer and manufacturer of beauty innovations, Kira Labs distributes to over 100 countries, and 10,000 stores, and was recently recognized as Florida Exporter of the Year in 2017. View Customer Website
LOTUS Containers
LOTUS Containers is one of the world’s top specialists in providing shipping and storage container solutions. Located near Hamburg, Germany, Lotus distributes shipping and storage containers all over the world. Since 2008, they have been an international player with trading representative offices in Europe, Asia, North and South America. This global presence gives them the utmost in flexible, affordable service. Lotus can deliver a container to any market or locale; no place is unreachable. View Customer Website
Mahajan has a long history of producing white label home furnishings products for global markets. Starting with a single factory in India in 1969, the company established its first Canadian office over 10 years ago and has been serving the North American market ever since. View Customer Website
Marathon Targets (Sydney, Australia) makes the world’s first smart target system for dynamic live-fire marksmanship training. Other robotic targets are controlled by joysticks; these robots are autonomous, with on-board software which allows them to react the way combatants might typically behave. By using sensors to locate themselves and other targets while moving in and out of buildings on a live-fire all terrain range, Marathon’s robots provide a more realistic form of target practice. The US Marine Corps were among the early adopters of the robots and have reported that soldiers developed a 104% increase in combat accuracy within a 24 hour period through use of the targets. View Customer Website
Mark Andy
Mark Andy Print Products (Chesterfield, MO) is a complete resource for all supplies, consumables and equipment to support pressroom efficiency and productivity. They maintain an extensive inventory and supplier network offering a full line of flexo and offset supplies. These include plate mounting tapes to tint sleeves to doctor blades to DuPont™ Cyrel® flexographic platemaking systems, with the mission of offering solutions to keep your operation optimized and running seamlessly. Besides an experienced team with years of combined technical expertise to provide great service, Mark Andy Print Products also has a 129,000 square foot distribution facility plus four logistics centers coast-to-coast, specializing in timely deliveries. View Customer Website
The Math Learning Center
The Math Learning Center (MLC), based in Portland, Oregon, is a global nonprofit organization that serves the education community. Their business mission is to inspire individuals to discover, learn, and develop innate mathematical abilities. MLC is well known for its innovative and standards-based curriculum, resources, and professional development. They create comprehensive branded curriculum for pre-K through elementary grade levels - helping teachers to fully implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in a manner that is rigorous, coherent, engaging, and accessible. MLC products and services are used by educators throughout the United States and in many countries around the world. View Customer Website
Matouk is a full-service luxury home textile source, with a broad spectrum of linens for the table, bed and bath, featuring custom sizing, embroideries and monogramming. The Matouk factory and headquarters are located in Fall River, Massachusetts in a world-class building featuring a solar energy system that produces over 35% of the electricity the company requires to operate. It is an environment where old world techniques live hand-in-hand with state of the art tools and production philosophies. The company remains committed to its purpose of enriching the lives of their customers by creating the most beautiful collection of bed and bath linens. View Customer Website
Maxon Computer GmbH
Maxon Computer GmbH, of Frankfurt, Germany, creates “3D for the Real World.” This global powerhouse develops 3D software for the world’s top media players – Disney, ABC, Blizzard, CNN, Fox, ITV, NBC, NFL, Sony, Turner and many more. Maxon is famous for 3D modeling, painting, rendering, and animation software that supports Cinema 4D, which is necessary to produce the 3D motion graphics in video games, product visualizations and illustrations. A global company with subsidiaries in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Japan, France and Singapore, Maxon products are sold and supported by over 150 distributors and resellers in over 80 countries worldwide. View Customer Website
MDF Instruments
MDF Instruments has been crafting medical devices and instruments (stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, cuffs, and more) since 1971. Based in Agoura Hills, California, MDF Instruments designs, develops, manufactures, sells, and services all their instruments globally, and has designated MDF distributors in over 85 countries. View Customer Website
Since 1948, MEECO has produced durable, high-quality gas analyzers for natural and industrial gas producers and their distributors. They also serve a variety of utilities, chemical and petrochemical companies and the makers and users of high-purity gas.

Headquartered in Warrington, PA., MEECO’s CEO, Lisa Bergson, is responsible for extending their footprint in the semiconductor market worldwide. MEECO focuses on product development, on-going technical innovation, global expansion, market diversification, and progressive management and manufacturing practices. View Customer Website
Merida, LLC
Merida LLC (Boston, MA) is an American textile and hand-finished rug producer leading the design manufacturing revival in the mill town of Fall River, MA. They care deeply about the integrity of materials, craftsmanship and the details of design, and partner with interior designers to help them bring their projects to life and add value at every step. Merida continues to innovate as they expand their capabilities with a team of local craftspeople and designers. View Customer Website
Mevion Medical Systems is a leading global provider of proton therapy systems for use in radiation treatment of cancer patients. The company, founded in 2004, delivers on its vision of transforming radiation therapy by making proton therapy accessible to patients worldwide with its innovative S250 Series of Proton Therapy Systems. Based in Littleton, MA, Mevion has international offices in the United Kingdom, China and Japan. View Customer Website
Michigan Pure Med
Michigan Pure Med (MPM) is Michigan’s leading provider of pharmaceutical grade cannabis in the state of Michigan. This vertically integrated pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis company has launched retail operations in addition to an eCommerce site to support its plant operations. Their integrated business plan includes cultivation, processing and retail for a long-term vision. View Customer Website
Mobidiag is a Finnish-French biotechnology company with subsidiaries also in Sweden and UK. Specializing in developing and marketing innovative solutions for molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases. Established in 2000, Mobidiag has served the European clinical diagnostics market with its multiplex Prove-it™ product family since 2008. In 2013, Mobidiag merged with a diagnostic platform developer Genewave. With its broad range of tests and instruments based on well-established PCR technology, Mobidiag allows fast and cost-efficient detection of most common bacteria, parasites, virus and antibiotic resistances to answer any microbiology laboratory requirements. Mobidiag allows fast and cost-efficient detection of most common bacteria, parasites, virus and antibiotic resistances to answer any microbiology laboratory requirements. View Customer Website
NAC Semi (NAC Group, Inc.)
NAC Semi, based in St. Petersburg Florida, is a global electronic component design services and distribution company that bridges the gap between the catalog houses and large fulfillment distributors. Their diverse line-card supports the design needs of customers in these specific market segments: Power, Mil-Aero, Hi-Temp Industrial, Networking, Electric Vehicles and more. NAC specializes in solutions that aid both sales and a demand creation for distribution services in the task of building mutually beneficial partnerships with customers and suppliers. View Customer Website
Nakagawa Seisakujo Co., Ltd.
Nakagawa Seisakujo specializes in air-conditioning duct production and site installation. Nakagawa’s main production style is Engineer to Order (ETO) - a production process well served by the Rootstock solution. Nakagawa Seisakujo was founded in 1947 to construct and manufacture air ducts for buildings that need reliable ducts to transport clean air and filter out dirty, polluted air. Now a sophisticated operation that includes quality air conditioning duct production for all construction needs, Nakagawa products are of high quality and technology. Having several Asian factories and operations, they are considered to have the industry’s most advanced IoT system to support production, construction, and management work on a single database. View Customer Website
Nano Magic
Nano Magic, now located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, provides innovative solutions to protect, enhance and care for high performance lens surfaces through best-in-class products in the areas of specialty cleaners, anti-fog surface treatments, and nanotechnology coatings.

A 25-year-old company, Nano Magic does their own manufacturing, lab research and distribution. Nano Magic has highly experienced R&D chemists and nanotechnology enhances product development. Nano Magic’s US based manufacturing plants allow them to develop, manufacture and market through B2B/B2C channels. View Customer Website
Nanophase Technologies (Romeoville, IL) is a publicly traded company that develops, manufactures and sells an integrated family of nanomaterial technologies focused on market and customer applications. These engineered nanomaterial products address a wide variety of markets including Surface Finishing, Exterior Coatings, Personal Care, Plastics, Scratch Resistant Coatings and Textiles. The company’s mission is to enable innovative products that improve people’s lives. Along with its manufacturing location in Romeoville, Nanophase also has manufacturing operations in Burr Ridge, IL. Both of these facilities are certified under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. View Customer Website
Nordaq Water
Nordaq Water Solution, based in Sweden, offers a superior tasting fresh-water product that is also good for the environment. Used by some of the finest hotels and chefs around the world, Nordaq delivers an environmentally sustainable and profitable premium water solution that enhances fine food and wine. A top tier Michelin guide winner, Nordaq has a high-profile client list that includes Mandarin Oriental and Marriott hotels and Seaborn Cruise Line. View Customer Website
Northeast Lantern
Northeast Lantern exists to provide high quality solid brass and copper lighting fixtures through highly skilled and dedicated employees, excellent customer service and proficient manufacturing processes. Northeast Lantern offers a lifetime guarantee and unique ability to customize any fixtures to ensure confidence and satisfaction with customers. Northeast Lantern continually innovates and improves American made lighting fixtures to maintain a competitive edge in the industry and keep up with market demands. Over 20% of the company’s lanterns are custom. Northeast Lantern sells their finely crafted products through a network of US and Canadian authorized dealers. View Customer Website
NuLeaf Naturals
NuLeaf Naturals, a Colorado company, produces an all-natural, fully organic CBD product line. Their cannabinoid wellness product line is developed and sold online so that CBD can be accessible for consumers.

NuLeaf’s Natural Wellness product line is pure, derived from specially bred therapeutic hemp plants, grown on licensed farms. Whole-plant extracts are used in the manufacturing process through sustainable farming practices, assuring the purity of the product. Using advanced cloning technology, NuLeaf holds to only natural genetic strains that ensure a safe yet regulated product with ideal potency and consistency. View Customer Website
OnePointOne, headquartered in San Jose, California, is revolutionizing ‘vertical’ farming by building the world’s most technologically advanced agricultural cultivation platform. On a mission to unleash the power of plants to sustainably feed the world’s populations, OnePointOne’s cutting-edge innovations in AI, automation and plant science successfully reimagine and manage their vertical farm B2B business model. View Customer Website
OneSpan, a trusted global leader in high performance Cloud Identity Platforms, offers a cloud solution that both simplifies and secures the user’s digital journey. From accurate verification of the user’s identity, to fraud detection, secure account openings and transactions, to eSignature document signing, OneSpan gives clients exceptional and secure service. Working closely with leading service companies, OneSpan collaborates to integrate and deploy trusted Identity Platform and Solutions. View Customer Website
Osoth Inter Laboratories Co., Ltd. (OSI), headquartered in Thailand, is a high-quality manufacturer of pharmaceutical and dietary supplements and a subsidiary of the SAHA group, a multi-business/cosmetics and consumer product manufacturer. View Customer Website
OUTFRONT Media, Inc.
OUTFRONT Media is a New York based media company. One of the largest outdoor media companies in the United States, with a growing presence in Canada, OUTFRONT has offices in over 140 markets. Named in Newsweek’s Most Responsible Companies of 2021, OUTFRONT is a recognized member of Certified Great Places to Work. Their product can be viewed in over 500,00 billboards and transit displays nationwide. View Customer Website
Pacer Group
Established in 1979, Pacer Group (Sarasota, Fla.), is a leading wire and electrical cable manufacturer that offers custom electrical products, value-added solutions and parts distribution. The Pacer group of companies has expanded beyond its traditional marine industry focus at its 42,000 square-foot manufacturing, assembly and warehouse complex in Sarasota. Our array of capabilities begins with wire and cable manufacturing and progresses with customer focused solutions such as battery cable assembly, wire harness assembly, instrument and dash panel design, and complete electrical system integration. View Customer Website
Perpetua Advisors
Perpetua Advisors helps manufacturers digitally transform their business eco-systems through the effective expansion of reliable data. Core to their success is helping clients pivot away from traditional technology solutions that deliver siloed and fragmented data and move towards achieving long-term digital transformation success using unified data. Hear from Chief Digital Officer & Co-Founding Partner, Mike Wind, to learn how Perpetua advises their customers on the selection of a proven cloud platform with Salesforce and Rootstock to deliver one common data model that empowers customers and suppliers with timely, high-quality data. View Customer Website
Phoenix Motorcars
Phoenix Motorcars, based in Ontario, California, is a leading manufacturer of Class 4 all-electric buses and trucks. They are a key player in the new Green Energy market. Phoenix Motorcars is owned by Solar Juice America, a solar company whose subsidiary - Solar4America- also chose Rootstock for its ERP implementation. View Customer Website
Pioneer Motor Bearing
Pioneer Motor Bearing provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users with first-class bearing engineering, manufacturing and repair expertise. Its mission is to help them design, build, maintain and upgrade large rotating equipment to operate more efficiently and reliably over an extended life. Products include turbine and generator bearings operating in nuclear power stations, very large vertical guide and thrust bearing assemblies operating in some of the largest hydroelectric plants in North America, patented designs for small tilting pad radial bearings for high speed lightly loaded rotating machinery, and new and repaired bearings for the U.S. Navy. View Customer Website
PixMob raises the bar on any crowd lighting experience with ground-breaking technology. They are one step ahead of crowd lighting trends, giving an audience a 360-degree sensory experience. A specialized ‘moving-head’ technology is their ultimate tool – allowing PixMob to deliver on never-before-seen lighting effects. They empower lighting designers, performers and audiences to have a fantastic crowd event experience by bringing crowd immersion to a whole new level. PixMob’s design flexibility, technology and illumination capacity leads the way in spatialized crowd effects. View Customer Website
Proluxe, a leading manufacturer of dough presses, and stone hearth ovens, is headquartered in Perris, California. Catering to high-end commercial kitchens in well-known restaurants around the world, Proluxe leverages cloud solution technology to deliver efficient, high-performing machines. Proluxe has cutting-edge equipment that cuts costs and increases output, without sacrificing food quality. Using both Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Proluxe credits Rootstock cloud platform ERP in their success in managing and increasing manufacturing and sales. View Customer Website
Portland Roasting Coffee
Portland Roasting Coffee strives to offer approachable, delicious, and exciting coffees. It works with farmers and importers around the world and holds itself and its producers to very high standards. The company creates roast profiles that retain a sense of place, enhanced by the talents of its roasting team. Every coffee is roasted carefully and intentionally. Team members taste every roast to ensure it meets company standards. This care and attention reflect the company’s dedication to providing customers with the highest quality coffee possible. The company also strives to enhance the lives of people living in its coffee-farming communities. View Customer Website
Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. (Rochester, NY) revolutionized the snow and ice management industry when they launched the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher in 1994, which has helped thousands of snow and ice companies across North America move more snow faster, thereby increasing efficiency and profitability. Since then, they have never stopped working to craft the perfect containment plow, striving to increase the already extreme durability and functionality of their product line. View Customer Website
Proveris accelerates the success of nasal and aerosol drug developers by providing a proven testing protocol, patented instrumentation and methodology, and a software platform that unifies all test methods, data, and analysis. Proveris provides:
  • Comprehensive solutions for the life of a spray or aerosol drug product
  • Effective methodology and compliance support
  • Innovative, patented testing technologies
  • Leading pharmaceutical companies around the world turn to Proveris for the expertise required to tackle the challenges of developing safe, effective, and innovative spray therapies. Proveris’s proven track record of dedication to customer success has made it the company pharmaceutical developers and the FDA rely on for software, instrumentation, protocols, and support for test regimes that bring next-generation spray-delivered drugs to market faster and more efficiently than ever before. Proveris helps pharmaceutical companies master every step of spray drug development:
  • Actuation parameter determination services help pump and device selection and confirmation processes
  • SprayVIEW®, Vereo®, and Indizo® instrumentation employ optimized actuation parameters for simulation of hand actuation by people within drug’s targeted age and gender range
  • Comprehensive measurement techniques provide accurate test results with a built-in audit trail for the life of the drug product
  • Viota® software platform unifies all test data for analysis, measurements, and reports while allowing 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Proveris understands the need to improve productivity and shorten time to market by eliminating inefficiencies, integrating functions, and cutting costs. To help meet these objectives, Proveris has developed integrated solutions with a dedication to reliability, ease-of-use and longevity. Proveris software and instrumentation enable pharmaceutical spray and aerosol drug developers to focus on product development with confidence that their test platforms are collecting valuable data with the accuracy, security, and traceability required for prompt regulatory review. View Customer Website
    PSI's mission is to translate science into solutions that solve critical needs for the customer. By having a deep understanding of these applications, PSI crafts emerging science in technology solutions and innovative products for both government and commercial customers. PSI’s employee-owners grow the company across a range of markets - applying emerging science to important problems. Priding themselves on the use of advanced technology, they take the process from laboratory to commercial and/or to government use. View Customer Website
    Richwood designs and manufactures premium conveyor solutions for the worldwide bulk material handling industry. For over 30 years the busiest mines in the world have put their confidence in the company’s problem solving expertise. View Customer Website
    RS Medical
    RS Medical (Vancouver, WA), founded in 1990, has been recognized as a leader in electrotherapy and bracing solutions for pain management and has helped more than 1.5 million patients. Today, RS Medical offers a durable medical equipment portfolio focused on providing patients with alternatives to medication for pain management and muscle rehabilitation, since pain and musculoskeletal disorders aren’t resolved with a single treatment or modality. View Customer Website
    RUWAC Industrial Vacuum Solutions, based in Massachusetts, manufactures highly durable Industrial Vacuum Systems. Ruwac’s manufacturing is done in the USA, and their inhouse engineering group has engineered a maintenance-free vacuum system that incorporates powerful motors for an explosion proof dust collector experience. With the highest levels of NFPA 652, NFPA 484 and OSHA compliance in the safe collection of vacuuming combustible dust and fine particles, Ruwac’s system solutions are the best in the industry. View Customer Website
    Sentury Tire
    Sentury Tire is a mass producer of passenger, crossover, sport utility, commercial van and aircraft tires. Ranked among the top 75 tire companies in the world, Sentury is known for two popular consumer brands, Landsail and Delinte. They produce a full range of summer and winter tires for passenger cars, high performance vehicles, SUVs, CUVs, light trucks and off-road vehicles. Innovative tire designs and compounds spearheaded by a European technology team have helped build their name and reputation as a reliable, middle to high-end brand. View Customer Website
    Solar4America by Solar Juice
    Solar4America by Solar Juice, based in Livermore, California, is the roofing and solar panel retailer who has taken over the contracts and market share of the former Petersen Dean. While not currently a solar manufacturer, Solar Juice is handling all lot tracking for roofing materials and solar panels in the US markets it serves. In addition to saving thousands of jobs, Solar Juice is focused on maintaining continued market penetration for residential renewable energy products and services. The use of solar products is a key part of new home construction in many states. View Customer Website
    Spectro Coating Corp.
    Spectro Coating Corp. is the Source for Quality Roll-to-Roll Flock Products. Roll-to-roll flocked materials are crucial components to a variety of products and packaging. Flock is a versatile, durable, and decorative material that can be easily customized, making it ideal for a wide range of markets and applications, including: Digital Printing Commercial Décor Automotive Military Fashion Industrial, Environmental, & Medical Packaging, Display, & Promotional Products As a leading manufacturer of roll-to-roll flocked goods for over 20 years, Spectro Coating Corp offers unparalleled knowledge and experience in the design, development, and manufacture of high quality flocked materials for virtually any retail, commercial, or industrial application. View Customer Website
    SPR Therapeutics
    SPR Therapeutics is committed to improving the lives of millions of pain sufferers with its peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) platform technology poised to be the standard of care and ultimately, the treatment of choice for pain management.

    Led by a world-class team of scientists, physicians, and business professionals with a track record of commercializing innovative neurostimulation products, SPR’s PNS therapy for acute and chronic pain management provides a non-narcotic, reversible, safe, effective and more affordable alternative to addictive opioid medications and invasive surgeries. View Customer Website
    SRW Products
    SRW Products is a family owned dealer-based company that provides hardscape and concrete products. Hardscaping is a process done by hand to create landscaping walls, stairs, and paths. Located in Princeton MN, with distribution centers in the Northeastern and Southeastern United States, SRW has 30 years of leadership in providing exceptional hardscape products and service. SRW’s Product line has evolved to include geogrid, fabrics, diamond blades, and sealers, in addition to a multi-line product mix for all hardscape needs. They also provide planning, building, and maintaining services for any hardscape project. View Customer Website
    Star Milling
    Star Milling Company manufactures nutritious, high-quality animal feed sold through most feed stores in the western United States. Star Milling products are sold under the well-known brand names: Ace Hi, Integrity, Kelley’s, Ultimate Show Feed and Ultra Balance. Family-owned and operated, this three-generation feed mill has an exceptional reputation for products of premier quality. Their best practices in manufacturing this product. Star Milling has the equipment and the technical knowledge to produce a wide range of feeds for many species that other suppliers lack. Having a full manufacturing line of dog, cat and various commercial animal food products, Star Milling has top-of-the-line computer systems, automation, state-of-the-art robotics and warehouse capacity. View Customer Website
    StormTrap Solutions
    StormTrap is global enterprise based in Romeoville, Ill, USA. They provide cutting-edge technology and cost-effective stormwater management solutions for issues related to run-off and protection of waterways while upholding the integrity of the property. StormTrap solutions are adept at issues of detention, infiltration, water treatment and rainwater harvesting systems. Their stormwater management solutions deploy proprietary technology that is easily installed and maintained and meets all custom stormwater and CSO management requirements in the US and abroad. View Customer Website
    Summit Imaging
    Summit Imaging (Woodinville, WA) is a technology-focused ultrasound medical equipment support company. It offers end-to-end customer support, including hands-on training courses, fast repairs, high quality parts replacement, free 24/7 technical support, the longest warranty on parts and services in the industry and the ability to diagnose most problems over the phone in under 7 minutes. Summit Imaging constantly strives to improve the customer experience and because of their outstanding reputation, has grown by over 60% year over year to become the very best in their industry. The company recently received ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications from The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) for its repair and support services of ultrasound medical equipment. View Customer Website
    Sunnova Energy
    Sunnova Energy - headquartered in Houston, Texas - is a leading Green Industry client in the US residential solar installation sector. They sell and service in more than 33 states, and offer a 25-year protection guarantee, that comes with a hassle-free maintenance plan. Sunnova also offers the added choice of a TESLA battery, which, in addition to the protection/service plan, gives the homeowner a solar installation that is affordable, reliable, and sustainable. View Customer Website
    Swift Straw
    Swift Straw has earned its reputation as “the ground cover specialists” in the American Southeast. With a focus on pine straw and mulch products, the largest beautification components for landscaping nationwide, Swift Straw has created a method to package pine straw in compact easy-to-handle bales that allow for new market expansion across the country.

    Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Swift Straw is the largest pine straw distributor in America. They ship and install pine straw and mulch products to a diverse client list of landscapers, private and commercial real estate projects, hotels, homeowner associations, schools, parks, and more. View Customer Website
    Tejas Production Services
    Tejas Production Services fabricates and repairs oil and gas surface production equipment, steel shells and other fabricated steel equipment. Formed in 1994, Tejas prides itself on consistency, deliverability and quality. Its 75,000 square feet of warehouse space on 32 acres hosts a team of professional welders who can create, maintain and service equipment according to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) codes and standards, National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), and 14C specifications. View Customer Website
    Teys USA
    Teys USA, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a leading provider of innovative animal protein in supply chain solutions. Teys predominately imports and sells meat to retail, foodservice, and food manufacturing companies. Teys produces annually 1.7 billion beef meals that feed people around the world. They link Australian producers with global customers, especially those in North America. Teys exports to over 60 countries, with a network across three continents through a partnership with the Cargill Corporation. View Customer Website
    Thermondo of Germany
    Thermondo is a fast-growing Heating Engineering and Installer based in Berlin Germany. Providing a complete heating system from pricing to installation and full maintenance,Thermondo gives customers a fixed pricing plan adjusted for the local subsidy. They offer the highest quality in both parts and engineering. Thermondo will do all installation including the dismantling of the older system when required. View Customer Website
    Tilray, Inc. is a leading global cannabis-lifestyle and consumer packaged goods company with operations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, and Latin America that is changing people’s lives for the better – one person at a time – by inspiring and empowering the worldwide community to live their very best life by providing them with products that meet the needs of their mind, body, and soul and invoke a sense of wellbeing. View Customer Website
    Toy Factory
    Toy Factory has a surprising name for a manufacturer that does not make toys. An award-winning manufacturer of vacation vehicles, Toy Factory tailored its name to represent the spirited experience of the vacationing families who buy and enjoy their campervan products. This Japanese manufacturer makes and sells campervans to very high standards and specializes in made-to-order. Toy Factory imports and sells vehicles and vehicle accessories globally. Known for its high-quality engineered insulation, their craftsmanship is based on partnerships with major manufacturers such as Toyota, Sharp and KYB Corporations. View Customer Website
    True Terpenes
    True Terpenes, based in Portland Oregon, is a terpenes and cannabinoid manufacturer of the two compounds found in cannabis products. When used together, these compounds help produce the product’s synergistic effect. True Terpenes is touted as an industry trendsetter with a blend that has become a benchmark for quality, product compliance and education. Their special formulation is fully tested and certified pure, and formulated and blended in cGMP facilities. View Customer Website
    Unionwear is the trade name, URL and DBA of New Jersey Headwear Corp., which manufactures and embroiders headwear, bags, accessories, work wear and safety gear. Unionwear currently operates a 45,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Newark. Unionwear sells through a nationwide network of several hundred promotional products distributors. As the premium paid for domestic production shrinks, more and more markets are enforcing labor standards in their procurement, such as colleges, federal, state, and local governments, as well as corporations with strong union workforces – for employee gear, and non-profits. For the past ten years, Unionwear has focused on providing products to clients requiring products to be made in the USA and is not forced to compete with imports on price. The US military and federal government accounts for half of the business with clients like labor unions and presidential campaigns representing much of the balance. View Customer Website
    U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is made up of 29 agencies and offices with nearly 100,000 employees who serve the American people at more than 4,500 locations across the country and abroad.

    The USDA provides leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, rural development, nutrition, and related issues based on public policy, the best available science, and effective management.

    With a vision to provide economic opportunity through innovation, the USDA helps rural America to thrive, promoting agriculture production that better nourishes Americans while also helping feed others throughout the world and preserving our Nation's natural resources through conservation, restored forests, improved watersheds, and healthy private working lands. View Customer Website
    Uutechnic OY
    Uutechnic OY - founded in 1993 and headquartered in Finland - specializes in the demanding technology of mixing solutions. Specially manufactured to meet almost any specific heavy industrial need, Uutechnic’s equipment-solutions serve a variety of large capacity conditions. Uutechnic has developed into a respected global brand for mixing technology and serves mining, fertilizing, pulp/paper processing, and chemical industry clients. View Customer Website
    Vertical Aerospace
    Vertical Aerospace LTD. is a British aerospace manufacturer based in Bristol, England, that designs and builds vertical take-off and landing, electrically powered aircraft. The company was founded in 2016 by Stephen Fitzpatrick, an ex-Formula One team owner and Founder & CEO of OVO Energy. Vertical Aerospace is building technology to revolutionize how people fly by making air travel personal, on-demand, and carbon-free. Since 2016, Vertical Aerospace has grown to over 70 world class engineers and technical experts, recruited from the likes of Airbus, Boeing, Rolls-Royce and Jaguar Land Rover. View Customer Website
    Vitamin Angels
    Vitamin Angels has fought to protect pregnant women, mothers, and young children from chronic malnutrition, since 1994. This year, it will provide life-saving vitamins and minerals to over 70 million women and children in 70 countries and in the U.S. Both Charity Navigator and GuideStar give Vitamin Angels their highest marks for financial transparency. View Customer Website
    What Goes Around Comes Around
    What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA) famed for selling high-end vintage purses, is the leading global purveyor of truly authentic luxury apparel from coveted upscale brands.

    What Goes Around Comes Around is a lifestyle. Focused on buying the best in luxury craftsmanship and premier vintage, their mission is to create a sustainable marketplace where the finest collection of pristine pre-owned luxury and vintage pieces can find new homes. View Customer Website
    Whelen Aerospace Technologies
    Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT) is a recognized global leader in high-end lighting products for the aerospace industry. WAT is a resulting merger between Whelen Engineering’s Aviation Division and LoPresti Aviation in Sebastian, Florida. Whelen claims a rich, 65-year history in technological innovations, and has an experienced staff of designers, and engineers. Focused in the manufacture of high-quality products that provide safety, visibility, and recognition for aircraft across all platforms, they work closely with OEM and service provider networks. All products enhance the pilot experience, providing safety of flight for a wide variety of STC and PMA approved speed modifications for general aviation aircraft. View Customer Website
    Whiting Systems
    Whiting Systems is the global leader in large vehicle wash systems. They manufacture the best automatic large vehicle wash systems and cleaning detergents while providing service, reporting, and analysis through individual account managers and a trained service team. View Customer Website
    Zaxis, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, manufactures and engineers the finest in leak testing equipment and precision pumping technologies. The experts in leak testing equipment, Zaxis also designs and manufactures a wide range of devices and assemblies from medical aspirators to industrial components, and various products for automotive and other industries.

    Zaxis leak testers can be placed near any test fixture to deliver excellent data collection and storage capabilities to permit traceability and record keeping. View Customer Website
    Zyno Medical
    Zyno Medical (also known as Zyno Solutions) is based out of Natick, MA. They have manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China and are known as a leader in providing IV infusion technology. Zyno Medical is dedicated to delivering intelligent infusion solutions that provide the highest quality of patient care and safety. In today’s challenging healthcare environment, infusion pump providers need to deliver on both intelligent technology and efficacy since the pump is a vital component in the proper management of assets and cost control. View Customer Website