Welcome to a new series of weekly blogs profiling Rootstock customers:   

Success Signals: Customer Chronicles   

Each week, we will highlight a “signal of success” for one of our customers. This series intends to showcase outcomes that our customers have experienced after digitally transforming their businesses. Hear them talk about how they have come to rely on and get excited about all things Rootstock.    

 ~Kelly Hamilton, Senior Manager, Customer Marketing   

Equipter is a family-run business that designs, manufactures, and services specialized construction equipment for roofing contractors. Their flagship product is the Equipter 4000a drive-able, raise-able, tow-able, and dump-able construction and roofing vehicle that fits into tight areas, streamlining the removal of roofing debris and making job site cleanup faster and easier.   

Late last year, I had the chance to visit our friends at Equipter at their manufacturing facility just outside Lancaster, PA. I couldn’t help but think that the team who makes this impressive equipment has applied similar concepts to streamline their manufacturing processes while creating efficient inventory practices that are also faster and easier.   

As their Vice President, Ray Beilerwalked me through their facility, I recalled that they went live with Rootstock nearly six years ago, in early 2017. I asked Ray how Rootstock has transformed its company since then. He excitedly told me: “We’ve grown 30% year over year since implementing Rootstock“.   

That’s some impressive growth.    

We later talked about other aspects of the business and how Rootstock is and has been a significant partner for the Equipter team. Ray told us “We chose to go with Rootstock because of the ability to integrate the data into our sales and service processes. Partnering with Rootstock has been the right thing for us.”  

Ray went on to say, “We’ve been able to build a platform for the next generation that enables growth while maintaining sustainability“.    

Is your business equipped to do the same 

Up next: Take a video tour of Equipter and hear more signals of success from their team – including the talents of “a magician”.    


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