For 2022, research firm Gartner predicts an increase in ERP investments as more manufacturers push to renovate and replace legacy ERP systems with cloud and hybrid ERP strategies. Gartner has already seen an uptick in such projects and recommends those responsible for ERP strategies focus on reducing implementation costs, supporting business composability, and determine if the time is right to switch ERP vendors.

Shifting Your Post-Pandemic ERP Strategy

It seems as if “post-pandemic” has been right around the corner for well over a year now. But, as 2022 gets underway, manufacturers are facing new challenges in addition to the ongoing pandemic trends, with inflation being the most pressing concern.

Gartner’s research, however, shows that manufacturers are sharpening their ERP strategies to survive both existing and upcoming economic, supply chain, and other uncertainties. One of the top initiatives, according to its research, is modernizing legacy ERP systems to bolster critical business capabilities and accelerate business execution.

But manufacturers are also finding “the need to change their traditional ERP suite approaches,” according to Gartner. This includes more robust systems and data integrations across platforms, and therefore a shift to more manageable and modern cloud and composable ERP solutions.

The result is that, in the next 24 months, half or more of manufacturers will have ERP remotely deployed, that ERP will be cloud based, and “ERP mega vendor” customers will look at adding to or replacing those monolithic ERP implementations.

Read Gartner’s Post-Pandemic ERP Trends for 2022

The world is always changing, but these past few years have seen immense change in such a short time. While 2020 forced manufacturers to adapt to remote work and pandemic shutdowns, 2021 brought about challenges from tight supply chains, rising prices, product shortages, and more. Now, for 2022, it’s time for manufacturers to upgrade their most critical technology infrastructures so you can thrive in this year and beyond.

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