Modernizing your manufacturing operations by moving to a cloud ERP solution brings flexibility and agility; intelligence and insights; collaboration and connectivity; a 360° view of customers, partners, and suppliers; and so much more. But it is a big step, and nearly every manufacturer we work with asks for two things to help guide their selection: testimonials from other Rootstock customers and insights from key industry analysts.

We’ve worked hard on our products and with our customers to ensure Rootstock is always a top choice for cloud ERP. And, we’ve been committed from the start to building our ERP on the Salesforce Platform many of you are already using to drive sales, support, financials, and other aspects of your manufacturing business. Bringing it all together—customers, analysts, and Salesforce—Nucleus Research recently interviewed several Rootstock customers to explore the value of our native connectivity with the Salesforce Platform.

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The research firm discovered that, with the help of Rootstock Cloud ERP being built on the Salesforce Platform, our customers can cut 6 months from their ERP deployments, cut IT overhead by 40%, cut accounts receivable cycles by 50%, and cut lead-to-cash times by 75%. Those are some impressive numbers taken directly from Rootstock customers. In addition to our manufacturing domain expertise and innovative manufacturing solutions, the Salesforce Platform adds proven flexibility, power, and ecosystem to deliver these and many other benefits to our manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain customers.

The results in this report come from a cross-section of Rootstock customers. Nucleus interviewed a $10 million architectural engineering firm, $600 million consumer goods manufacturer, and $100 million high-tech manufacturer to cover a wide range of use cases, sectors, and company sizes. Like many of you, these manufacturers previously relied on a frustrating tangle of Excel, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics 365, email, cut-and-paste data entry, and outdated legacy software to manually manage their operations. All three manufacturers cited Rootstock’s native connectivity with Salesforce—which puts ERP and CRM data on the same platform—as a key benefit and an important driver of eventual results.

To learn more about the benefits Rootstock delivers to these and all our customers, download “The Value of Rootstock and Salesforce Connectivity.”