Rootstock Software Launches New QuickStart Implementation for Mid-size Manufacturers 

New ERP Deployment Methodology Accelerates Go-Live and Reduces Burden on IT Teams With Limited Resources  

San Ramon, CA (January 11, 2023) – Rootstock Software, a recognized leader in the Manufacturing Cloud ERP space, today announced the launch of its QuickStart Implementation for Manufacturers. This innovative implementation methodology is specifically designed for mid-sized manufacturers and is set to revolutionize how these companies adopt Cloud ERP. 

The Rootstock QuickStart Implementation, aptly named for its swift and efficient deployment capabilities, is tailored to meet the unique needs and constraints of manufacturers with annual revenues over $15 million.  

Rootstock Manufacturing ERP is a robust and powerful solution. Now, we’ve made it more accessible and manageable for growth-focused manufacturers,” said Caroline Santander, SVP of Global Professional Services & Enablement at Rootstock Software. “For this group of manufacturers, Rootstock QuickStart is a game-changer, offering a phased approach that is digestible and cost-effective. Since this implementation methodology offers a scope honed to their unique needs and capacities, it is designed to accelerate deployment and the timeframe to achieve value and success with Rootstock.”  

Rootstock QuickStart comes at a crucial time when organizations are looking to rapidly replace disjointed legacy systems and data silos with a unified ERP platform that helps create a streamlined Manufacturing Signal Chain. To ensure a quality deployment, the QuickStart setup is based on Rootstock’s implementation best practices and in-depth manufacturing experience. The approach utilizes pre-configured settings, templates, and a user-friendly wizard, which greatly streamlines the go-live process.  

“Implementation speed is usually dictated by the customer’s readiness, but with this methodology, we’ll be able to shepherd manufacturers through a more rapid launch,” added Santander. “Our wizard offers a step-by-step guide, streamlining configuration and significantly saving time and effort. It also enables manufacturers to seamlessly import data. All of this contributes to a faster, more accurate setup—a crucial factor for manufacturers with limited resources. Overall, with Rootstock’s QuickStart Implementation, smaller manufacturers will experience a huge leap forward from typical implementation timelines.”  

Rootstock QuickStart is more than just rapid deployment; it also encompasses a comprehensive package that includes access to best practices, robust customer support, extensive training through the Rootstock Learning Center, and peer-to-peer engagement in the Rootstock Community. This ensures that manufacturers have the knowledge and support to reap the full benefits of Rootstock to manage their entire operations—from inventory and supplier collaboration to financials. 

Rootstock Software is committed to addressing the unique needs of mid-size manufacturers through cost-effectiveness, scalability, ease of use, configurability, integration, and more. This new implementation methodology ensures manufacturers can leverage Rootstock Cloud ERP to grow and scale their business, even during volatile market conditions. 

For more information about Rootstock QuickStart and Rootstock Manufacturing ERP solution, sign up for a demo. 

About Rootstock 

Rootstock Software provides the leading Manufacturing Cloud ERP, which empowers hundreds of manufacturers to turbocharge their operations in today’s dynamic, post-pandemic world. Natively built on the Salesforce Platform, Rootstock delivers a futureproof solution. With it, manufacturers gain the agility to continually transform their business to meet evolving customer needs, navigate emerging challenges, and accelerate success. In addition, the “connectability” of Rootstock Cloud ERP gives manufacturers 360° visibility to collaborate with suppliers, trading partners, and the broader value chain. As Rootstock continues to grow, stay tuned to the company’s latest customers, career opportunities, and LinkedIn posts.  

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